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’62 Corvette

The Evolution of a Chameleon Corvette Jerry Bentley could have taken an easy route to his next car. With a last name like his, he could have chosen his namesake...
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World Products Launches Formidable Windsor-style Competitor Introducing a new engine block with a big power potential understandably gives rise to a sense of occasion. First, consider the time and treasure...
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Supercharging for the Street

Supercharging for the Street Forced induction using a supercharger is not a new concept. In fact, superchargers have been used on production-based cars since the ’30s. However, to performance geeks,...
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57 210 Bel Air

A ’57 With a Give and Take History Talent seems to cluster. We see this is our sports teams, in movie casts and at schools and universities. The gifted attract...
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Blueprint for a Better High-performance Clutch Muscle car enthusiasts who prefer a manual transmission might know whether their clutch release mechanism is operated by cable or by a hydraulic bearing,...
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Windsor Performance Head

The Better Windsor Performance Head Engine philosopher Jon Kaase of Jon Kaase Racing Engines in Winder, Georgia had one of those nagging ideas. You know the type; the ones that...
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’71 Challenger

When Richard Rawlings Gets a Free Car, he Knows how to Turn it Into Gold Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past five years, you’ve heard of...
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