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OBS Chevy Dually thats Built to Work

Hritik Godara October 03, 2022 Department

The show scene oozes with amazing builds from across the country. Some sit on stands so fans can view every last detail—front, back, and side to side. Some go on the occasional evening cruise to attend a show or event. Others simply drive and look cool doing it.

Justin Griffin’s 3500 dually is exactly that. With a slammed stance, radical paint job, and wheels that chop the light rolling down the highway, it looks cool, but don’t let this thing fool you. It was built to work. 

OBS Brothers

Justin has been obsessed with the automotive lifestyle since a young age. His father, who was engulfed in the street rod scene, influenced him and his interest in the hobby. Justin’s first car was a 1970 Chevelle SS, which he still owns to this very day.

Growing up, Justin always included his younger brother, Eli, in his backyard building projects. They made many memories while busting knuckles and building dream trucks as yard warriors.

Together, they decided to buy a shop where they could build full time. With help from their parents to get them off the ground, the Griffin brothers put in the work of making a name for themselves. They gained experience and confidence, feeling proud of their work and excited to make a future with their business. In 2008, they broke ground on a new facility, and Twin States Rod Shop was born.

The brothers always had a passion for full-size OBS trucks

The brothers always had a passion for full-size OBS trucks, and so the first thing to come out of their garage was a ’95 extended cab. Inspired by trucks across the scene, including Krew Kut, it’s easy to see they love what they do.

Cruiser Returns

A previously owned truck inspired Justin to build this killer 3500. Purchased brand new back in 2000, he later installed a Cadillac front clip. It was by far a favorite, but he sold it to do grownup stuff and focus on the family. Now that Justin’s kids are older and having a blast with dad cruising to shows, the time was right to bring back his favorite cruiser—but with that OB style.

He stuck with making a family hauler he could put to work, but also one that still broke a few necks; a truck that has the drivability of a clean cruiser and tow pig, but not one that’s full-blown wild. Needless to say, the Griffin crew pulled it off.

The Details

They kept the air-ride clean and simple with full Ridetech and a 4-link suspension. A set of custom cut Michaels Trucks semi wheels were installed with some serious rubber to keep things smooth and reliable. They topped it off with a clean bed floor and a reliable 454 powerplant. This thing is a driver, period.

The interior has subtle mods that keep the traditional look, but with a twist. The Snowden leather bench seats front and rear match the custom Tuxedo carpet and painted panels. This gave the dually the look and feel Justin wanted while keeping a durable interior to handle the kiddoes.

Not stopping there, the dually was sent off to paint. Eli laid the foundation for the Mad Pinstriper Pat Maxwell, who added some killer flames that appear to float on that cool gray basecoat. They then sealed the deal with a dose of clear. This pavement yacht was ready to roll.

Enjoying the Ride

Looking back at his truck today, Justin loves the direction it took. He’s enjoyed countless trips pulling the enclosed trailer loaded up for the weekend festivities and car show events across the country with all the power and space needed to enjoy the trip. I’d say mission accomplished.

From a young man wrenching on hot rods to a flamed-out 3500 dually killin’ the streets and flexing with a trailer behind it, Justin built a truck that hangs at shows, cruises like a daily, and works like a horse.





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