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Project ARTEMIS | Why Wrap Part 2

The Final Reveal Of Project Artemis!

The time has come to pick up our 1998 GMC Sierra known as Project Artemis from amazing minds at Glarb Designs and Alchemy Wraps. Not only is the “Ready Player One, Cyberpunk” mashup design eye-catching and hypnotizing, but it also incorporates LED panels underneath the wrap that light up at the push of a button. Now the name of the truck can be seen at night, which will definitely stand out in the crowd. All the printed panels from We Print Wraps are laying down perfectly over the manicured metal, and the luminescent panels are lighting up the shop like you wouldn’t believe. Project Artemis

Alchemy Wraps out of North Carolina performed the majority of the work in this install, and we are so impressed by how easy they can make it look. Ryan Sandoval from Glarb Wrapped hung out with us all week long to make sure his design laid out just right, as any proud yet humble artist would. The layers are what make this particular install so difficult, but with proper planning and organized execution, the team here proves you don’t really need a printer in house to pump out amazing wraps. Companies like We Print Wraps are changing the game in their own individual way, and we love watching the evolution of the custom truck industry. So our final thought on wraps? It’s a viable solution for a large part of our demographic to cover the outside of their vehicle with custom colors and designs without sacrificing the time and tension in paint jail. So will the Riddler award ever be handed out to a wrapped restomod? Probably not, but for the right group of guys, it’s a terrific option.

1998 GMC Project Artemis wrap install
The roof is the next panel to be covered and trimmed. A combination of heating and relaxing the We Print Wraps material while smoothly laying it down and keeping the design straight is no easy task. Alchemy Wraps did it perfectly, though!
The front end is the final detail Ryan wanted to focus on, so some one-on-one with our GMC logo was in order. He also swapped out the headlights with some new replacements from PartsMax.

1998 GMC Sierra Project Artemis Wrap install

Adding the to amazement is this killer tailgate design with embedded luminescent panel. The tailgate is going to light up with the truck’s name, Artemis. How cool is that!

They even wrapped the old original side view mirrors. These things were rough looking, but now they look brand new!

One thing you may not know about these vehicle wraps is that you can ceramic coat them too! Jason from SunFlo Detailing out of Cooper City, Florida, came in to show the crew at Glarb and Alchemy how good this product is.
They put a solid coat of CQUARTZ Skin PPF & Vinyl Nano-Coat 50ml over the entire truck.
Before we were able to see the final look, Ryan had everyone clean and cover the truck. They know how to make a customer feel special!
Huge thanks to everyone involved, including Johnathan Daniels at Mach1 Media for hanging out with the crew all week documenting this for you, the reader.
Ryan Sandoval is the mastermind behind this entire concept, and when you jump on his Instagram page you can see how talented his mind truly is. This won’t be the last time you hear his name either. We have something sinister in the works that just may excite you.
After a quick tow through the city by our good buddy Eddy Cebreco, we were able to get Artemis off the trailer and take it for a ride. What a difference it feels driving it, more confidence, more pride—and it’s only a wrap! How about this cool shot by Johnathan Daniels at Mach1 Media?
Next stop is the interior shop. We have something sweet in the works that involves a few cool companies you may already know of. Our system control will be handled by a new Voxx Media Center unit. Memphis Audio is our choice for speakers and amps, and an Eddie Motorsports steering wheel will add some bling. Stay tuned!

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Glarb Wrapped 

Alchemy Wraps



Why Wrap? | A New Suit for Project Artemis

A New Suit for Project Artemis

If you remember from the last issue, we dropped off our 1998 GMC Sierra known as Project Artemis to the amazing minds at Glarb Wrapped and Tate Designs for an overhaul of epic proportions. A combination of a killer design, high quality prints and one of the best installers in the game is all that it took to transform this basic bagged Bowtie into a motorized masterpiece we can’t wait to take to shows. Not only is the design eye-catching and hypnotizing, but it also incorporates LED panels underneath the wrap that light up at the push of a button. Now the name of the truck can be seen at night, which will definitely stand out in the crowd.

Ryan Sandoval from Glarb Wrapped sent his files to We Print Wraps, and within a few weeks we were watching them install a high-quality material that will last as long as paint. With a design this intricate, Ryan only trusted one crew to lead with the install. Tate designs in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, was proud to participate and happily lead the charge. Tape measures went flying and numbers were being calculated in their heads faster than we could take photos, but there’s a method to their madness that you can only appreciate if you just sit back and watch the process. We were able to hang out with them for the entire week as they sanded, stripped and wrapped the entire truck from bumper to bumper. Their work is amazing, and from what we know it’s second to none. We have a whole new respect for this particular industry, and before you drop your deposit at your favorite paint shop, just give this method of metal masking another look. Check out the steps it takes to prepare these wraps and line them up correctly.

When we finished the last issue, our 1998 Chevy truck was completely prepped and ready for the new wrap. Ryan and Tate sanded down the rough spots and made these old panels as smooth as possible. The new design is amazing and will hide any minor imperfections in the paint.

First thing is first—test fitting the panels they received from We Print Wraps. Now is the time you want to find out if something is printed wrong. But with an all-star design team like we have, everything was as perfect as expected.
The Ready Player One, Cyberpunk mashup design that Ryan Sandoval created is very cool. It’s exactly how we saw it on the rendering. There were even a few surprises in the design we couldn’t see in the render. So cool!
With all the panels correct and accounted for, it was time to place the flat LED panels. These super cool, remote controlled panels will have a black mask that matches the cutout of the vinyl. A thin flat wire sticks to the panel, and it is nearly unnoticeable under the wrap.
The hood of our 1998 GMC Sierra will have a panel in the center that shows the name Artemis, a character from the movie “Ready Player One.”
With the LED panel in place, Ryan carefully set the vinyl. There is only going to be one shot at this, so it has to be right!
As they carefully stretched without warping the design, Tate cut out the letter so the light can show through.
Boom! How cool is that? We can’t wait to go to the next night show. This light can turn on and off with the remote, and it’s only one of four on this truck!

With the hood lined up and laid down smoothly, they can now focus on sitting in the edges. This part takes some real skill and experience, but when done right, it’s truly hard to tell it’s not paint.
Next, they focused on the side panels including the front fenders and the cab. The bed will be done separately.
These magnets help everything stay in place while they line it up. Tool of the trade!
Before they start to stick to the sides, the back is lined up as well, ensuring that all parts of the design match. Lots of variables need to be considered before final placement, which is why we highly recommend a professional install your design printed from We Print Wraps.
The Artemis logo will also be visible on the bed sides, so the location needs to be considered as we’re lining everything up.
One last wipe down before the adhesive backing comes off and we never see the factory paint again.
With the adhesive backing removed and the wheel wells cleared and cut, they start to carefully lay down the vinyl, keeping it straight and free of air bubbles or debris.
A blow torch is one of the most surprising tools that you may not know this industry uses. It quickly loosens the material and gives you additional movement and flex.
Once the body panels are completely smooth and free of air, they can trim the windows without cutting any of the factory rubber. Again, another reason to contact a professional installer for your vinyl wrap.

The tip of the front fenders is a tricky area to do correctly. The excess material will be trimmed and removed.

Getting up close and personal with a truck is something these installers have to do to get the job done right. These are not your standard company van wraps. These are high-quality, high-dollar coverings for your custom show vehicle.
In order to get the design as far behind the cab as possible, Tate removed the bolts holding on the bed and slid it out of the way. Now the wrap flows as much as possible, which looks great.

Now that everything is lined up and ready to go, Ryan trimmed and prepared the LED panels for the bedside and wired up the control boxes.

One last test of the lights before attaching it to the bedside permanently.

The flat LED power wire sticks to the bed and tucks underneath the factory trim.

Now Ryan can lay down the vinyl knowing everything lines up perfectly. Trim all the edges and move onto the next panel.
Now you can see what the wrap looks like during the day and at night. We will continue on with the opposite side and show you the final product in our next issue. Until then, give these guys a follow online and check out when they’re up to now!

Project Artemis Debut! Our 1997 GMC Sierra Goals and Plans

In the first-ever OBS Builders Guide, we put our direct focus on swapping the factory engine for a Blueprint Engines 383c.i. stroker motor, an American Powertrain transmission, along with a full RideTech Coilover suspension system and 22-inch American Racing wheels. It was an impressive truck that was built right from day 1.  Now we turn focus to our Q1 project truck and 2021 OBS Wheel Buyers Guide. This issue we focus on adjustable suspension and bolt-on options for bagged OBS trucks. We have Ridetech AirRide suspension, Toyo Proxes STIII tires, EBC Brakes, Bed Wood and More Retroliner, and much more being installed at Saltworks Fab in Florida.

We are running a staggard setup for the wheels and tires. Sizes 20×8 in the front and 20×9.5 in the rear.

In the same issue, we will also run a 5-page Wheel Manufacturer Highlight article and the OBS Wheel and Tire Buyers Guide. This will be a ton of ink of multiple books and digital/social properties about buying options on these radical trucks.

Project Info:

Truck – 1997 GMC Sierra Ext Cab (see attached with rendering)

Tires –

Install Shop – SaltWorks Fab

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