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Vendor Spotlight “Hammered Weekend Wear” An online exclusive Interview with Ron Perkins

Adam Johnson November 09, 2021 Blood Sweat and Gears

One of the premier clothing companies on the show field all across the United States, Hammered Weekend Wear just finished up the US Tour. We sat down with Ron Perkins to discuss his company and the future.


ST: Tell us your name and company?


Ron Perkins

HammerD Weekend Wear


ST:  When did you decide to get into the business?


RP: Aug 11th, 2014


ST: Is this full time or part time?

RP: This is my full-time job


ST: Tell us more about your company? History/ history behind the name.


RP:  I’ve always wanted to have a clothing company within the scene. As a youngster Hammered was a term for a super low vehicle. I dropped the last E to set us apart. So, I had HammerD. As I was always at shows during the weekend this Brand HammerD was my main weekend wear hence the name HammerD Weekend Wear



ST: What were some of the struggles you had in the beginning?


RP: Sizes, colors, inventory, shipping, cost. Starting capital was the biggest hurdle. I sold my Show truck “DblazD” to fund the start up. I knew nothing and little to no help from other apparel companies. Most everything was live and learn.


ST: What were some of the wins you had that you knew it was going to work?


RP: Featuring REAL builds


ST: What do you do to stand out from your competitors?


RP: I based my company off 3 important things that would set me apart from all other clothing companies.

Killer Artwork, lots of color, and featuring REAL builds


ST: Do you attend shows and if so about how many a year.


RP: In 2021 I did an epic US tour that included 30 shows from Portland Oregon to Tampa, Florida and all in between, big shows and small shows.


ST: Do you have or have/ had a custom vehicle? If so, give us an overview of what you own/ have owned.  


RP: Yes

2005 Nissan Frontier aka Irregular cab (2010 Mini truck magazine truck of the year and cover)

1994 s10 blazer AKA DblazD (2014 mini truckin magazine cover truck)

2012 Ram R/T AKA RTON8S (featured right here in street trucks)

1965 Lincoln continental 4 door bagged

2011 ram express AKA aqua fresh (featured twice in street truck)

ST: Where can we buy your product?

RP: or at a show near you


ST: What is the future for your business?


RP: East coast distributor just came on (Adam and Heather Tripp and Cory and Chelsea Floyd) yearly tee shirt subscriptions with open enrolment dec1st-dec 31st)


ST: What advice you would give to anyone wanting to start a business.


I am open to give advice to anyone trying to start a new business, just reach out to me. But I would say reinvest, reinvest, reinvest. You shouldn’t expect a dime of profit to go in your pocket for at least 5 years.



ST: What do you think about the current and future state of the industry?


RP: I’m excited, just like in 2008 the industry is dipping down a bit but the comeback is exciting.


ST: Thank you for the interview and do you have any last parting words for our readers?


RP : In closing I want to thank everyone who had bought a tee, a subscription or even a sticker. With out you all there is no us and that’s the real truth. Thank you to my buddy Mike Amborn for always supporting me, Ashley Perkins, love you Face and thank you to each and every 80+ vehicle owners who allowed me to feature their REAL build. If you are out in the garage working on a vehicle right now, please keep going, don’t give up. You very well might be on an upcoming HammerD Weekend Wear design !!


As an added bonus to this interview Ron is giving a 10% discount.

Use coupon code: STREETTRUCKS for 10% off




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